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The Collaborative Experience

Our wide range of services and over 40 years of combined book publishing and marketing experience can help you make your dreams of becoming a bestselling author come true.  Click below to get your "25 Writing Tips FREE Guide


About Julia & Toni

Julia D. Shaw & Toni Coleman Brown are business partners who are doing well by doing good. Together they have over 40 years of experience in the publishing industry.  If there is one thing that we do, we create bestselling book projects.  Julia is an established event manager and literary publicity consultant.  Toni was responsible for establishing Black Expressions Book Club for Doubleday Direct, which was one of the most successful clubs in the history of the company generating over $25 million in sales.

Over the past three years the Collaborative Experience has published four book anthologies, which included the Delayed But Not Denied Series Books 1-3 and Our Stories, Our Voices: Black Men Speak Their Truth.  In addition to these successful book projects, the company has helped several authors independently publish their own single title books. 

They have been featured in and across a variety of media outlets and are both residents of Southeast Queens and combined are the mothers of four beautiful daughters.

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Book Publishing Services

We offer a wide variety of book publishing services from single title projects to your very own book anthology projects. Our team works with you from concept to finished product. We will assist you with content development, editing, book cover and layout designing, printing and distribution. We help you to get your book distributed to over 30,000 retail outlets and more.

Book Marketing Services

Want to get your book number one on Amazon? We can help you to achieve this goal without all of the tips and tricks used by others. Additionally, we can help you to get podcast interviews, write and distribute your press release, get your book in the hands of major influencers and build your online platform (this includes website building, social media development and and to increase your digital presence).

Book Consulting

Need someone to talk to in order to make sure that you're making the WRITE choice? We offer book consulting packages that meet your budgetary needs.  We help you make all the WRITE decisions to ensure that your book publishing goals are achieved.

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Dr. Cheryl James

I am appreciative for the opportunity to be a co author in Delayed But Not Denied 2.  I was overjoyed to participate with an awesome group of ladies and be allowed to share my personal story and reality of joy and sorrow supporting women and girls with cancer.  Toni and Julia created a supportive platform for authors to collaborate and experience authorship together and create a piece of workmanship that will bless a vast audience for s lifetime.  I am forever grateful."This should be used to tell a story and include any testimonials you might have about your product or service."

Jamee-Marie Edwards

Being a co-author of the Delayed But Not Denied Anthology has truly been a blessing in my life. Having the opportunity to share how God has been faithful to his promises throughout my journey, has had a greater impact on my life, than I could have ever imagined. Often times we feel alone in our journeys but the outlet of writing allows us to see how powerful our stories are as tools of empowerment  and healing.
Being apart of the Anthology has also allowed me to become a published author in a cost effective manner. Publishing can be a daunting and expensive task which often deters people from having their writing ambitions come into fruition. Your story matters... It's time to tell. Someone is waiting in the balance for you! 

Our Book Projects

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Click the button to arrange a 30 minute FREE consultation with Julia and Toni.

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