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Our next book is called, Our Stories, Our Voices Entrepreneurs Speak Their Truth About Business.  If you are an entrepreneur and you have some stories that you can tell others about being in business, then this book anthology is for you. 

We all know that being in business is a roller coaster ride because it has its ups and downs.  Well others can benefit from knowing what you know and now is the time to tell it.

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Automatic Authority there is nothing better than a book to get instant authority.
National Bestseller Status By participating in this anthology your message of empowerment will make you an instant Amazon Bestselling Author
When you are published, your potential clients will take you and your message more seriously and this will allow you to Easily Get More Clients
Leverage the Power of the Joint Venture. If you try to go it alone, it will cost you more and take more time 
Make more money, having a book can be your ticket to ensure you get paid more. 

Jamie Marie

Being a co-author of the Delayed But Not Denied Anthology has truly been a blessing in my life. Having the opportunity to share how God has been faithful to his promises throughout my journey, has had a greater impact on my life, than I could have ever imagined. Often times we feel alone in our journeys but the outlet of writing allows us to see how powerful our stories are as tools of empowerment and healing.

Being apart of the Anthology has also allowed me to become a published author in a cost effective manner. Publishing can be a daunting and expensive task which often deters people from having their writing ambitions come into fruition. Your story matters... It's time to tell it. Someone is waiting in the balance for you

The Benefits We Offer Our Contributors

Participate in a Virtual Book Launch
Get copies of book on-demand at low cost
We organize all pre-launch activities and launch materials
We get all ISBN numbers and Library of Congress info
We create the cover design and layout design
We create all online marketing material

Meet The Collaborators

Julia D. Shaw & Toni Coleman Brown combined have combined over 40 years of experience in the publishing industry. If there is one thing that we do, we create bestselling book projects. Julia is an established event manager and literary publicity consultant. Toni was responsible for establishing Black Expressions Book Club for Doubleday Direct, which was one of the most successful clubs in the history of the company generating over $25 million in sales.

Julia Shaw & Toni Coleman Brown

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