We are pleased to announce the launch of Delayed But Not Denied Book 3.  This will be the last book in the Delayed But Not Denied Book Series.

Delayed But Not Denied Book 2 has turned out to be a stand out success from the previous book.  We are currently seeking authors for this final chapter in the book series.  All those interested can click here fore more details.

About The Delayed But Not Denied Book Series

Almost forty co-authors came together to share their compelling life experiences in these insightful books. These individuals of diverse backgrounds who are life coaches, ministers, and business professionals poured their hearts and souls into each chapter. These avid writers presented stories of inspiration that reach beyond the pages and into the hearts of the reader. Some of their recanted experiences seem insurmountable, but through faith and action, they all come through healed with valuable lessons learned. Each co-author experienced an accomplishments that at one point may have been delayed, but certainly were not denied.

The book series reveals practical strategies designed to help readers:

  • Understand that they are not alone with their life challenges
  • Discover that they have the power and ability to overcome negative self-talk and inner turmoil
  • Realize that past hurts inflicted by others does not define who you are today
  • Know that sharing your story with others is a valuable part of the healing process
  • Tap into ministries, coaches, workshop facilitators, motivational speakers and every day women who have taken their lives to the next level

Readers can expect to be uplifted and encouraged by these stories of faith, hope and answered prayers, as the co-authors of this book share how they overcame their tragedies and turned them into triumphs. These authors are the epitome of the biblical verse that all things are possible for those who trust and believe in the power of God and themselves. Each of authors poured their heart and souls into their stories to show us that having resilience against adversity pays off and that one should never breakdown before their breakthrough.

About Toni and Julia

Toni Coleman Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, marketing expert and motivational speaker. She is also the CEO and Founder of the Network for Women in Business, an online community for women business owners. Toni is also the host and creator of The Small Business Bootcamp for Women and the Online Marketing Mastermind Live events. She also helped Bookspan create Black Expressions Book Club which was one of the most successful book club launch in the history of the company.


Julia D. Shaw

Julia D. Shaw is an author, marketing strategist and consultant with over twenty years of experience provides traditional and non-traditional business services that have proven beneficial to entrepreneurs, publishers, authors, corporations, radio stations, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations. Julia’s latest business venture is the Collaborative Experience, Inc.

A complete list of chapter titles and co-authors in DBND Book1 and Book 2 can be found on www.delayedbutnotdenied.info.

Remember if you’re interested in being a co-author in the final book of the Delayed But Not Denied series click here.


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