Delayed But Not Denied: Real Stories About Hope, Faith and Triumph




Delayed But Not Denied Book 2 represents real stories about real people. Each diverse chapter exemplifies hope, faith and resiliency. Get ready because you will receive a mega dose of inspiration after reading each co-author’s unique experience. The stories compiled inside of this book will encourage you to persevere on your own journey and let you know that when life gives you lemons sometimes you have to do more than just make lemonade. You will be intrigued by the tenacity and courage of each contributor who poured their heart and soul into this special collection of true stories.

This book contains 21 stories written by a dynamic and diverse group of women. The stories will make you laugh and cry. You will be forever changed after reading each chapter. It is apparent that each author has poured their heart and souls into their stories to show us that having hope and faith prevails against adversity and pays off big time. If there is one thing that you will learn, it is that one should never breakdown before they breakthrough.

Compiled by Toni Coleman Brown and Julia D. Shaw

21 Co-Authors include: Charron Monaye, Deloris (DJ) Strahan, Deneen Cooper, Dr. LaWana Firyali Richmond, Elizabeth Bautista, Jennifer Halstead, Julia D. Shaw, Julia Ann Fairley, Kimberly Jenkins-Snodgrass, Kristin Vaughan Robinson, Margo Southwick, Maria Dowd, Natalie Bennett, Nikeisha Johnson, Portia Lockett, Queen Rev. Mutima Imani, Rev. Dr. Cheryl Y. James, Sony JM Thornton, Theresa Adair, Toni Coleman Brown, Yoland Billings.


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